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About the N.C.C.A. Licensing & Degrees Program

Developed for Christians who feel God’s call to counsel

The N.C.C.A. Distance Learning Program for Christian Counselors includes numerous options ranging from certification and/or licensing to earning accredited degrees (Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorate).  Online and offline studies are available.  As a student, you may complete your coursework in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or community. Enroll anytime, there are no semester restrictions.

About the National Christian Counselors Association:

The National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) is a non-profit, professional organization that trains, certifies, and licenses Christian counselors. The Association includes ministers, Christian counselors, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys, educators, and other leaders.  Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) is an N.C.C.A. Certified Academic Institution. Both N.C.C.A. and SCMi are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that counseling is in vain, unless it is founded upon and directed by the Word of God.

Purpose of the N.C.C.A. Program:

The N.C.C.A. certification and licensing program is not to be identified nor confused with state licensing in any way.  In fact, is distinctly different from a secular (state) license.  The certification and licensing program developed by the N.C.C.A. provides specific ministerial credentials within the ministry of counseling.  The purpose of the program is to train and credential Christians who believe that God has called them into the ministry of counseling. The N.C.C.A. has been faithful to this mission since 1981 and has assisted thousands of Christians to fulfill their call.  The training results in credentials that the Church and community will recognize.

Counsel with Proven Success:

The Christian counseling model, taught in this program, was developed by Drs. Richard G. and Phyllis Arno. Drs. Arno.  Drs. Arno are the founders of the National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) and developers of the Arno Profile System (APS) temperament analysis tool. This internationally recognized therapeutic model is research proven to have a success rate of 93.4%. This percentage is based on therapy conducted with more than 7,000 counselees. As a licensure candidate, you will learn the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) for counseling. The A.P.S. is an easy-to-learn counseling technique used by thousands of professional counselors, pastors, lay counselors, and other leaders throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. The Christian counselor administers a questionnaire which takes fewer than ten minutes for the counselee to complete. The questionnaire measures the counselee’s inherent needs, natural traits, strengths, and weaknesses according to temperament. These are identified in the computerized Arno Profile System report, providing the counselor with in-depth information and the best way to counsel the individual. The system enables a qualified counselor to identify the counselee’s temperament problem swiftly and accurately. The Wonderful Counselor, the scriptures, and your spiritual gifts are all vital to effective equipping for Christian counseling.

Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) has selected the N.C.C.A. Christian Counselors Licensing and Degrees Program as our featured credentialing program.  We deem the Bible-based knowledge, developed by the N.C.C.A., to be very important to professional care of souls in the faith community. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the behavioral patterns of the five (5) temperaments within the three areas of the soul: Inclusion (Mind), Control (Will) and Affection (Emotions). Temperament is the inborn part of an individual that determines how he/she reacts to people, places, and things. It identifies characteristics of an individual’s psychological make-up (Greek: Psuche, English: Soul) and how people interact with their environment and the world around them. God places temperament within our soul while in our mother’s womb. This is why some temperament traits can even be observed in a baby.  Temperament does not change, but remains in our soul (psuche or psyche) throughout our lives. Therefore, what you learn will be quite beneficial for works of service in Christian Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Christian Coaching, Spiritual Care, Discipleship, and various other helping ministries and professions.

N.C.C.A. Program Accreditation:

Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) has been a Certified Academic Institution with the N.C.C.A. since 2005.  The National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (A.C.I.) as a Comprehensive Accredited Member with Honors. This level of recognition is only attainable by institutions that have been accredited through A.C.I. for at least ten years, had at least two on-site visits, and send at least one representative annually to the A.C.I. Conference on Accreditation. As such, the Soul Care Ministries Institute’s N.C.C.A. program carries this accreditation.

Earn Your N.C.C.A. License and Next Level Degree:

If you are looking to continue your education, and desire to be equipped with national level credentials and practical counseling ministry training, you can receive your next level degree (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate) in Christian Counseling from one of several Christian colleges, universities, or seminaries. These schools are approved to participate in the N.C.C.A. Degrees Transfer Assistance Program.   Our N.C.C.A. Licensing and Degrees Program is approved for education assistance through most large companies, churches, and state rehabilitation departments that provide such assistance.  Coursework is available online or offline.

Practicum Requirement:

SCMi Institute emphasizes equipping vs strictly academics.  As a student, you will gain practical experience in Christian counseling.  The N.C.C.A. requires that all students complete a practicum under the direction of an assigned N.C.C.A. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor.  Currently the Clinical Supervisor, for the SCMi Institute, is Dr. Linda Hunt King. The practicum requirement consists of three (3) hours of Academic Supervision in Phase I (Certification) and II (Licensing) of the N.C.C.A. program.  Dr. King also offers an Elective Phase III (Advanced) Practicum Lab with three (3) hours of supervision. Students may elect to retain Dr. King for additional hours of supervision, as needed, during Phase I and II. Candidates will not only benefit from Dr. King’s educational training and 15+ years experience in Pastoral Counseling; but also her extensive experience and expertise in business, marketing, nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, risk management, and church consulting.

Continuing Education and Support:

After you graduate, we offer the N.C.C.A. continuing education courses (advanced courses).  The N.C.C.A. annual conferences also provide opportunities for continued personal and professional growth. Dr. Linda King offers professional post-graduate solutions (Post-Graduate Mentorship Program, Clergy and Church Consulting Solutions, Leadership Coaching) to help you build upon what you have learned so you can experience great success in the ministry of counseling. Alumni, of the SCMi Institute, receive preferred rates our post-graduate and professional solutions.

You Can Quality To:

  • Earn your Earn your Christian or Pastoral Counselors Certification, License, and next level degree.
  • Elect to enroll in the SCMi Institute Christian Soul Care Cognate and earn a congruent internationally recognized certificate.  
  • Start a Church-based or Community-based counseling ministry, practice, or center.
  • Expand your current counseling ministry or  counseling ministry outreach.
  • Earn board certifications in specialized areas.
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements.
  • Counsel with research-proven success using the Arno Profile System (APS); an easy-to-learn Christian counseling tool, and technique, that has achieved a success rate of more than 90%.
  • Join thousands of pastors, professional counselors, lay counselors, and other leaders throughout the United States, and globally, who currently use the APS as a professional ministry tool; it will help you identify your counselees/clients problems faster and more accurately.
  • Train others to counsel & teach Biblically- based human behavior and problem resolution.
  • Expand your network of Christian Counselors via your N.C.C.A. membership.
  • Enroll in the SCMi Signature Post-Graduate Mentoring Program, or Signature Clergy and Church Solutions, with preferred rates for SCMi Institute students and alumni.