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This is an excellent tool for Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Christian Counselors, Life Coaches, and Consultants.  It has been a true blessing for us to find and use it.  I highly recommend this virtual office administration and management tool to my students and colleagues, Dr. Linda Hunt King.


Easy to use Online Scheduler that gives you complete control to set your availability online and offline.  You will be able to approve appointment types, edit or decline appointment requests, set reminders, turn reminders on and off, add payments, and more.

Waiting Room

Create a customized waiting room so your schedules clients can sign in and be there when you are ready to see them.   Choose your background and music for your clients to enjoy while they wait.  Chat with your client while in the waiting room or request payment.

Virtual Capabilities

Transfer files so those you serve can download and /or complete them.  Send messages back and forth securely, and work from anywhere including the comfort of your home, church, office, favorite coffee shop, or get-a-way spot.  You have a lot on your plate, schedule is busy, and time is valuable.  This tool will help you provide timely service, work with your assistant, extend your services beyond your immediate community.  Now you can work smarter and more efficiently.


Request fees and contributions with ease.  You will have the flexibility to set fees and payment amounts when scheduling, request payment at any time, and receive payment via credit card or Stripe.  The money is deposited into your designated band account. 

Multiple Devices

You, and your clients, will be able to use a PC or Mac computer with an up-to-date Chrome,  Firefox, or Safari browser; iOs or Android tablet; iPhone or Android smart phone.  Written instructions provided in advance for easy set up and testing on your device.

Group Participation

Arrange online sessions with couples, families, or groups of any size.   You will be able to see everyone in the group session just like you were in- your office, share your screen with everyone in the session, and hide your self view and see your clients even larger on screen.  You can even mute group participants or they can mute themselves as needed.  Your group sessions will be seemless and everything will be kept private.  No need to worry about security or strict confidence because you’re online.


Video Chat

Safe, secure, and encrypted video capabilities created by therapists for therapists, tele-health providers,  and others who work with private and confidential information.  This state-of the-art platform is HIPPA-compliant and web encrypted via HTTPS and TLS 1.2.


Take Notes

Take session or case notes with the user-friendly editor that is just as simple as using MS Word, Google Docs, or your other favorite document editor.  Your notes will be auto-saved, time and date stamp, and store securely.  You may lock your note so only you can edit it.

Ministry Compatible

Years of research, and may closed doors, has led to discovery of this amazing HIPPA-compliant tool used by Soul Care Ministries International (SCMi) for counseling, coaching, consulting, and more.  Most tele-health providers only permit state licensed counselors to purchase their platforms.  Other platforms, not HIPPA-compliant, are just to risky to use, even for ministry.  This one is different and compatible for use in and by your ministry with proper disclosures.  Get your free trial.

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Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and similar platforms are good for some meetings, but not all.  Be a good steward and don’t put your ministry at risk or damage your online reputation.  Make sure your online meetings are private, secure, and strictly confidential.  As leaders who are entrusted with confidential information, keeping it safe is our reasonable service. 

Options are available that fit any budget . . .  from student or startup to a thriving ministry.  

Free Video Chat & Telehealth Tool Demo

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We are a participant in the vendor’s affiliate program.  When you enroll in the demo or free trial through our website, Soul Care Ministries International (SCMi) will receive a small referral fee should you decide to make a purchse.  100% of the profit, from income generated by our organization, goes toward helping people in need receive our charitable faith-based services. 

Your support is greatly is appreciated.  Please contact us at (888) 761-5777, Ext 3 should you have any questions regarding this offer.