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Do you want to learn a Biblically-based, research-proven therapeutic model that is more than 90% successful?

Would you like to qualify to utilize the Arno Profile System (APS) temperament analysis profile in your ministry, counseling practice, coaching practice, consulting business, mentoring program, or other human services endeavor?

If you answered ‘YES’, this is training you need! 

Creation TherapyCreation Therapy, also referred to as Temperament Counseling, is a Biblically based approach to human behavior based on the five temperaments vs four temperaments theory.

You will learn a research-proven therapeutic approach that deals with the inner man (soul realm) rather than outer manifestations and problems. This course is provided, to individuals and groups, in an online or distance learning format.

The concept of Creation Therapy is based on Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created…” and Psalm 139:13-14.

This course teaches how God’s wonderful plan for us works and how to counsel, coach, and mentor people regarding the spiritual, social, intellectual, behavioral, and relational aspects of their life.

We recommend this certification course for pastors, chaplains, ministers, lay counselors, professional counselors, school counselors, mental health providers, counseling ministries, healing and deliverance ministries, life coachesconsultants, mentors, physicians, attorneys, social workers, and human services professionals.  

This course of study consists of internationally recognized training, in a faith-based counseling model, developed by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno.  It is also called the Arno Profile System (APS).

Drs. Arno are the founders of Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (SACC) and National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA).

The Soul Care Ministries International Institute has had the privilege of offering this course, as an International Representative and strategic partner of the SACC, since 2005!

The purpose of this course is to:

  1. Provide the student with the biblical, historical, and scientific background of the theory of temperament as well as the evidence of the validity of this theory and the Creation Therapy technique.
  2. Teach the student the general behavior pattern of the five (5) temperaments, how temperament affects every aspect of all our lives, and how to use this information to assist counselees and others who you serve.
  3. Introduce the student to a temperament analysis questionnaire, and report, called the Arno Profile System (APS).  This invaluable tool, unlike all other measurements of behavior, measures inborn temperament with an accuracy rate of 95.7%.
  4. Provide the student with a credible alternative to the counseling techniques currently available to the Christian community. The therapeutic model taught in this course has a proven success rate of 93.4%. This percentage is based on therapy conducted with more than 7,000 counselees.
  5. Teach the student how to provide counsel to others and how to assist their counselees, clients, or mentees in achieving long-term emotional and spiritual well-being.
  6. Gain practical experience in administering the APS Questionnaire, and opportunity to apply temperament theory in an actual therapeutic relationship, via a required practicum lab.
  7. Provide you with professional tools and certification that will enhance the value and effectiveness of the services you provide.

This course introduces the behavioral patterns of five (5) temperaments within the three areas of the soul: Inclusion (Mind), Control (Will) and Affection (Emotions).  Temperament is the inborn part of an individual that determines how he/she reacts to people, places, and things. It identifies characteristics of an individual’s psychological make-up and how people interact with their environment and the world around them. Creation Therapy teaches that temperament is placed within our soul by God, while in our mother’s womb, and that it will remain with us throughout our lives.  Therefore, what you learn will be quite beneficial for providing Christian Counseling, Christian Life Coaching, and various other ministry and professional services.

You will learn:

  • How to assess inborn temperament needs, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Conflict resolution skills which focus on the word of God and His principles for healing in the soul realm. 
  • The secrets of human behavior and how God’s wonderful plan works when understood and applied.
  • A very successful 5-Step model you can adapt to faith-based counseling, coaching, consulting, mentoring, etc.

Creation Therapy, along with the Arno Profile System (APS), works when other counseling methods fail. Why? Because rather than spending session after session in an attempt to correct “symptoms,” the counselor, life coach, consultant, or mentor utilizes a tried and proven plan-of-action and step-by-step process developed to “target” the source of problems or issues. Providing individuals with a “plan of action” saves time and expense because it removes the fear of the unknown. In addition, it provides an immediate sense of stability and renewed hope that “there is a plan — a course of action has been developed and everything is going to be okay”.


The textbook is approximately 325 pages in length and takes approximately 45 clock hours to complete.  The curriculum includes:

  • Creation Therapy Textbook*
  • Creation Therapy Workbook*
  • Creation Therapy Video or DVD*
  • Creation Therapy Practicum (described below)
  • SACC Code of Ethical Standards
  • Student’s Personal APS Report
  • Two (2) online exams or offline proctored exams

*S&H billed separately for offline studies.  Group discounts may be available. You will receive 3-hours of college-level credit that are transferable to an accredited Christian seminary, college or university at their discretion or up to 9 CEU’s. You may qualify to apply to transfer your credits and enroll in our N.C.C.A. Christian Counselors License & Degrees Program OR SACC Certified Temperament Life Coach (CTLC) Program.


Upon completion of the Creation Therapy coursework and exams, a Creation Therapy Practicum is required for certification.  The practicum consists of administering the Arno Profile System Questionnaire (APS Questionnaire) to 10 individuals.  Instructions for meeting the practicum requirements will be included in your welcome packet. Two options are offered:

Creation Therapy Practicum w/ Supervision (Recommended):  This recommended practicum is a companion to the Creation Therapy w/ Supervision course. This combined supervised course and practicum includes up to three (3) hours of individual pre-certification academic supervision under the direction of our founder, Dr. Linda Hunt King, who is an N.C.C.A. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor.  Joining the SACC, prior to beginning your practicum, provides you with the opportunity to charge a fee for the APS prior to certification. The practicum fee includes administration of the APS Questionnaire, Clinical APS Reports, and Special Personal Profile (SPP) for each of your 10 required participants.  Academic Supervision is available by appointment (phone) and/or email.

Creation Therapy Practicum w/o Supervision (Option): This is an administrative only practicum, but does meet the minimum SACC requirement. It consists of administering the APS Questionnaire, and generation of an APS Personal Profile, for each of the 10 required participants. Joining the SACC, prior to beginning your practicum, provides you with the opportunity to charge a fee for the APS prior to certification.


When you enroll in Creation Therapy, with the SCMi Institute, you will gain the distinct advantage of receiving an interactive ebook entitled “5 Easy Steps to GROW Using the Arno Profile System”.  This ebook was written by our founder, Dr. Linda Hunt King.  It is offered exclusively to our students and is not available to the general public. Your skillful application, of this training, can help people you serve experience more happiness, less stress, and greater fulfillment in their life. 


Creation Therapy w/ Supervision (Recommended Option)* $449.00
Creation Therapy w/o Supervision (Option)** $299.00
Creation Therapy Practicum w/ Supervision (10 APS + SPP)*   $350.00
Creation Therapy Practicum w/o Supervision (10 APS)** $300.00
SACC Application and First Year Annual Dues (Required) $75.00

*This course online and includes up to three (3) hours of Academic Supervision.  Additional Academic Supervision is available, to active students, for $50/session.  Select the Pre-paid Discounted Online Program w/ Supervision ($799), or Pre-paid Discounted Offline Program w/S Supervision ($815), at checkout below for a savings of $75.

*Standard S&H of $16 will be added for Offline Studies within the Continental United States (actual shipping cost will be billed separately for international students).  Online students may also request printed textbooks for an additional $50/each. The SACC Application Fee/Dues is to be made payable to Soul Care Ministries International, Inc for processing.  Group discounts may be available. 

**Students who are enrolled in the N.C.C.A. License and Degrees Program should refer to the applicable N.C.C.A. Program Requirements (see SCMi Institute N.C.C.A. Catalog & Prospectus or utilize the link in the menu above to access the N.C.C.A. Students Dashboard).

Upon successful completion you will: 

  • be awarded membership in the SACC [Certified Member (non-Ordained) or Certified Pastoral Member (Ordained)],
  • authorized to administer the Arno Profile System (APS), and
  • receive your SACC certificate

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