Certificates, Training, and Christian Education

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Study, Gain Expertise, Earn Certificates

The SCMi Institute offers Certification Programs and Certificate Programs that prepare you to earn nationally and globally recognized training, education, equipping, and credentials in your field of specialization.  Each of the programs we offer is distinctly faith-based and teaches from a Biblical perspective.

Certification Programs

The certification programs, that we offer, include an educational component, supervised practicum, passing exams, and credentialing by a nationally recognized credentialing organizations. Some of the training programs allow you, as a practitioner, to put letters behind your name (i.e. CTLC). Other programs may credential you to utilize a proprietary system, software, and/or product.   Membership in the credentialing organization is also required.  The following Certification Programs are currently being offered:

Creation Therapy | Arno Profile System

Creation Therapy is a biblically based approach to human behavior. You will learn a research-proven therapeutic approach that deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations and problems. This course is provided, to individuals and groups, in a distance learning format Students who successfully complete the course qualify for membership in the S.A.C.C. (Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling).  Becoming a Certified Member or Certified Pastoral Member of the S.A.C.C. provides authorization to administer and use the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.).  The SCMi Institute is certified to offer this course as an International Representative (IR) and Certifed Pastoral Member of S.A.C.C.  Learn More

Certificate Programs

The certificate programs, that we offer, provide a Certificate of Completion that indicates your successful completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus (i.e. Biblical Counseling, Christian Life Coaching, Spiritual Formation). These value-added independent studies are offered to our staff, active students, alumni, and post-graduate mentees.  Some of the courses may qualify for continuing education credits and also require membership in a nationally recognized association.  The result demonstrates your knowledge, skills, expertise, and competency in specialized soul care ministries (a/k/a faith-based spiritual and psychological care). Contact Dr. Linda King to learn more.