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In this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) area, you will find answers to many common questions our National Christian Counselors Association Licensing & Degrees Program.  If there’s a question we have not answered, please contact us.

Who can benefit from N.C.C.A. training and credentialing?

  • Christians who want to be better equipped to minister to those who need counsel.
  • Pastors and other Christian leaders who want to be professionally equipped to counsel members of their community who are experiencing problems.
  • Individuals who want to be credentialed and enter the field of Christian counseling as a profession.
  • Professional counselors who want learn a Biblically-based counseling model with proven success.
  • Professionals who want to become certified to administer the Arno Profile System (APS).

How can N.C.C.A. credentials help from a personal, professional, and vocational perspective? There are many, many ways that NCCA. credentials can help you, among them:

  • Provide deep insight into understanding human behavior and relating to others.
  • Certification/licensing can open many doors and provide additional income for your ministry, practice or other faith-based endeavor.
  • Fosters recognition within your community as a qualified Christian counselor.
  • Meets the qualification for Professional Liability insurance.
  • Opportunity to networt with other counselors through NCCA membership.

Can I be licensed as a Christian counselor without having a B.A. degree?

No, you can only be certified. However, we can help you qualify for your B.A., M.A. and/or your Ph.D. through one of the several colleges that participate in the N.C.C.A. Degrees Transfer Assistance Program.

What institution name will be on my degree? You have a choice! The N.C.C.A program has met the requirements for BA, MA and PhD degrees from various seminaries and religious institutions.  Learn more . . .

Can I accept remuneration for counseling?

If you are an ordained, licensed, or commissioned minister; you probably can accept remuneration for counseling since most states exempt clergy from having to be state licensed. However, you need to check your state’s statutes. The N.C.C.A. license is national, not state specific.  Like ordination, the ministry of counseling is a “sacred” office. Typical fees depends upon the fee structure, level of credentials, and/or geographical location.  Some counselors utilize a flat fee while others implement an income-based sliding scale fee structure.

Will I be trained to help those who are hurting?

Yes, research shows that persons who are trained by via the N.C.C.A. Licensing and Degree Program are usually able to help more than 90% of those who turn to them for counsel. This, of course, depends on each individual’s God-given gifts, skills, and talent.

Do I have to be state licensed in order to counsel?

You need to decide if you want to be in the “business” of counseling or discern whether you are called to the “ministry” of counseling.  If “ministry,” being licensed by the N.C.C.A. will better suit your goals to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill His call on your life.  Soul Care Ministries International, Inc (SCMi™) is a Certified Academic Institution with the N.C.C.A. and we can help you to earn your national license through our N.C.C.A. Distance Learning Licensing and Degrees Program.

Is the training biblically sound? Yes. N.C.C.A. and Soul Care Ministries International are totally devoted to the Lord and the training is all biblically-based.

Will I be required to be licensed in ministry (as clergy) before receiving an NCCA license?

Yes, the N.C.C.A. requires all who are licensed, by its Board of Examiners, to be credentialed ministers (ordained, licensed or commissioned) whose goal is to evangelize and ease the emotional pain and suffering of humanity. Learn more . . .

What are the benefits of a degree and/or counseling license?

An N.C.C.A. license, and accredited degree, can open doors to many opportunities to help the hurting. Many, who enter the program, are already serving with their local church in a Christian counseling ministry. Others desire to gain the training and education in their process of equipping to enter counseling ministry.  Some operate independent ministries and affiliate with a church or a faith-based nonprofit organization.  Others desire to open an independent counseling ministry in their community under the authority of a church ministry covering.

How long does it take to complete the program?

While each course includes an estimated amount of time to complete, the actual time is up to the student.   The courses are self-paced and we have seen motivated students complete the MA program in less than a year and some PhD students complete it in less than 18 months.  The key is being disciplined and scheduling time for studying as well as for completing the practicum requirements.

If I enter the program and gain an MA degree, can I go on to get a Doctorate through the Soul Care Ministries Institute?

Yes, Soul Care Ministries International, Inc is a fully approved N.C.C.A. Certified Academic Institution (CAI).  As such, we offer the full N.C.C.A. Christian Counselors Licensing and Degrees Transfer Assistance Program.  Due to our alignment with different seminaries, you can choose doctorate degree from a different institution than the one where you earned your Master’s degree. Having Master’s and Doctorate degrees from different institutions is customarily viewed as a positive academic experience.   Learn more . . .

Once credentialed by the N.C.C.A., will I qualify for professional malpractice/liability insurance?

Lockton Risk Services, Inc. has reviewed the NCCA’s requirements and credentialing procedures.  Accordingly, they will provide professional malpractice/liability insurance coverage for NCCA members who reside within the continental United States. Some restrictions apply (e.g., persons who have been convicted of a felony may not qualify for coverage).

If I need further equipping related to establishing or expanding my counseling ministry, practice, or center; can I get help with that?

Yes. After you graduate, we offer the N.C.C.A. Advanced Continuing Education Courses. The N.C.C.A. Annual Conference also provide opportunities for continued personal and professional growth. Dr. Linda King offers professional post-graduate solutions (Post-Graduate Mentorship Program, Clergy and Church Consulting Solutions, Leadership Coaching) to help you build upon what you have learned so you can experience great success in the ministry of counseling. Alumni, of the Soul Care Ministries Institute, receive preferred rates on all of our post-graduate solutions.

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