Arno Profile System (APS) | SCMi Institute Student Order Form

How to Order APS Questionnaires and Reports for Your Creation Therapy or NCCA Practicum

APS LogoThis  Arno Profile System (APS) and Special Personal Profile (SPP) information is provided for the convenience of our students and supervisees.  You may elect to order Personal APS Reports or Clinical Reports  (APS) + Special Personal Profile (SPP) for adults, youth, and teens.  Please do not send your counselees or clients to this page.  You must be an actively enrolled student or supervisee of the SCMi Institute to utilize this service.  

If you are a counselee, client, or visitor; you may order the A.P.S. Report for personal, parenting, or personnel use through the Soul Care Ministries International Resource Center.  If you  have any questions, please contact us

Students and supervisees can now access the Student APS Software online!  You will not have a full APS account, but you will be able to add, view, order, and download the reports for your own counselees/clients.  Your Academic Supervisor will also have access to those reports. Following enrollment in your practicum, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login.  Simply (1) remit your fees using the options below, (2) order your APS Questionnaires using the system, (3) allow up to two business days for processing of your payment and reports, and (3) look for email notifications when your questionnaires and reports are available. 

  •  Creation Therapy or Phase I, II, and III Practicum:




Creation Therapy

(this also meets the Phase I requirement)

10 Personal APS $300.00
Phase I (Certification) 10 Personal APS $300.00
Phase I (Option) 10 APS + SPP $350.00
Phase II (License) 15 APS + SPP $525.00
Phase III (Advanced) 10 APS + SPP $350.00
  • Phase I and II Practicum w/ Supervision Fee:

This section is currently being updated. 

*This option can also be selected for Creation Therapy w/ 3-Hours Supervision. Please remit payment via credit card (or your PayPal account) by clicking on the amount.  Payment must be received by Soul Care Ministries International, Inc prior to rendering your service.


Additional Information:

For your convenience, our preferred payment method is PayPal and most major cards are accepted (having a verified PayPal account is not required).  Please contact us for international payment options.  

Please note that the ‘Clinical’ A.P.S. Report is only for the counselor.  The counselee, client, or participant is to be given the Special Personal Profile (SPP) or Adult Personal A.P.S. Report or Special Personal Profile (SPP).  Any reference to APS + SPP per to the APS Clinical Profile(APS) and Special Personal Profile (SPP). 

We ask students to please support our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship by utilizing the online APS System vs the printed questionnaires.  Please add to your address book to prevent the email with the APS Questionnnaire and APS Reports from going into your JUNK MAIL or SPAM FOLDER.

If your order is not processed within two (2) business days, please contact us.


Below you will find the student rate for each type of report.  Multiple reports (for each type) can be specified in the order form.  A convenience fee, for individual orders, will be added at check out.

  • Adult Personal APS Report (only): $30.00
  • Adult Clinical APS Report (only): $30.00
  • Youth or Teen Clinical Report (only):  $30.00
  • Personnel APS Report: $30.00
  • Adult Clinical APS + SPP: $35.00
  • Youth or Teen Clinical APS + SPP: $35.00


This section is currently being updated.